Georgist Registry Annual Report

Center For Public Dialogue

Director Walter Rybeck responded to requests from state and local officials in Maryland and other states and, the District of Columbia about 1) the rationale for taxing land values more and for reducing or eliminating the property tax on structures, 2) the techniques for transforming the standard property tax into a two-rate tax or pure land tax, and 3) the benefits of recapturing land values generated by mass transit and other infrastructure.

Rybeck also spoke at Arden, Delaware, at Antioch College in Ohio, at the Wheeling (WV) library?s author?s program and at senior education programs in Maryland about his book, Re-Solving the Economic Puzzle. He focused on correcting the erroneous view that the collapse of a "housing boom" caused the Great Recession, presenting data showing that a land speculation boom was a prime cause -- and warning that the nation?s next land boom-and-bust cycle is already under way.

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