Georgist Registry Annual Report

School of Living

The School of Living ( ) is a small membership non-profit founded in 1934 by Ralph Borsodi and incorporated in 1954 by Mildred Loomis. It continues its mission today of learning and teaching philosophy, practices, and principles of living that are self-empowering for individuals within the general aim of establishing decentralized, ecologically sound, self-governed and humane communities. All of its resources, but most specifically the land it holds in trust, are held in responsible stewardship for present and future generations.

Standing committees which carry out these functions include AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organization) - which promotes democratic education (student self-government), Permaculture - ecologically sustainable and useful land design, and Publications ? which publishes our quarterly journal Green Revolution.

Our Land Committee administers a Community Land Trust which holds seven parcels of land in PA, MD, and VA. Each parcel is leased to an incorporated group of people, most of whom reside on the land and own their own dwellings. Each community makes its own internal rules independently, and supports the School of Living's mission of education by sponsoring seminars and workshops on self-sufficiency, ecologically sustainable, and communal skills of living.

Keeping the land lease fees in the trust and using them to help finance new groups to acquire land, which is added to our trust, is our way of capturing land rent for community rather than private benefit.

For the last several of our quarterly weekend meetings of the trustees and committees, our past president, Rita Jane Leasure, has been leading a session to study Bob Drake's modernized version of Progress and Poverty to keep our members informed about this primary purpose of rent capturing for our Community Land Trust, in addition to the purpose of fostering community living.

Our July meeting this year (July 10?12, 2009) will be devoted entirely to strategic planning for the future of School of Living, with help from professional facilitators. Our total membership is around 125 country wide; our core group of 25 - 30 people is active and strong, but we are not growing.

Regular dues for SOL membership is only $20 per year, with less being acceptable and more being much appreciated.

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