Georgist Registry Annual Report

School of Cooperative Individualism

The School of Cooperative Individualism is an online education, research and movement history projected I started in 1997. The two most important components of the School is a constantly-growing online library of writings by known and unknown authors on a broad spectrum of subjects. During 2011 I began an extensive "facelift" to create a uniform appearance of the pages. I anticipate completing this work by the end of 2012.

A "Biographical History of the Georgist Movement" provides a record of individual involvement in the Single Tax and Georgist movement taken from the numerous journals and periodicals published from the time of Henry George. This part of the school's website is a work in progress with constant additions made.

An email newsletter is sent to a list of approximately 500 subscribers every few months. Anyone who would like to be added to the distribution list can contact me via email.

Visits to the School have been remarkably consistent for the last four or five years, at around 9,000 different persons each month, mostly from the world's English-speaking societies but with an increasing number of visitors from India, Japan and other parts of Asia.

Ed Dodson, Director

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