2016 Conference: In Land We Trust

2016 Conference:
In Land We Trust

The role of land trusts and intentional communities in the movement for economic justice and prosperity

Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort Area in Orlando, Florida
Monday, August 15th to Friday, August 19th

Monday, August 15th

Monopoly Revealed: Ed Dodson on the remarkable story of Mary Pilon’s The Monopolists.

Tuesday, August 16th

Southern Slavery, Northern Complicity: the history of Northern involvement in continuation of the slave trade and slavery in the U.S., with Dan Sullivan

International Trade and the Georgist Message: on the role of international trade in 21st-century political economy, and how the trade issue fits into our message, with Lindy Davies, Dave Wetzel and Fred Foldvary.

1:45 – 3 PM

Rent Unmasked!

Panel discussion celebrating the release of the new book celebrating Prof. Mason Gaffney’s contribution to economic theory and economic-justice advocacy. The book contains fifteen new essays on “How to Save the Global Economy and Build a Sustainable Future.” Panelists will include Fred Foldvary, Frank Peddle, Polly Cleveland, and Mason Gaffney himself; Ted Gwartney will host.

Panel discussion continues, after a break, with audience participation.

Wednesday, August 17th

Disney World’s history and development: its design and land use practices; why the admission charge is a land rent; and how Disney World made far more money by land speculation than by providing amusement, with Fred Foldvary.

How Disney acquiried the land for Disney World, with Jim Clark of Florida State University

The Annotated Works of Henry George, Vol. 1

Panel discussion celebrating the launch of the first volume in this important new scholarly edition of George’s complete works. The panel will include Bill Peirce, Frank Peddle and Fred Foldvary; Brendan Hennigan will host.

Annotated Works of Henry George

Panel discussion continues, after a break, with audience participation.

Report on the results of a survey on movement priorities, with Jacob Shwartz-Lucas and Mark Sullivan.

Thursday, August 18th

Tactical Focus: Local? National? International?, with  Joshua Vincent, Lindy Davies, and Frank Peddle.

Innovative Strategies on Climate Change: Citizens Climate Lobby’s proposal for a carbon tax and a per capita dividend, with Desta Horner, and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, with Bill Batt.

Existing Georgist Land Trusts – What Worked and What Didn’t, with Fred Foldvary

Housing Land Trusts to Improve Affordability with Ed Dodson

Intentional Communities: New Proposals, with Ed Dodson, Dan Sullivan, Jeff Graubart

How I became a Georgist, with Nic Tideman, Bill Batt, Bob Jene, Herb Barry, Polly Cleveland, Nic Rosen, Fred Foldvary, Jeff Graubert, Wyn Achenbaum, Dan Sullivan, Erich Jacoby-Hawkins, 


The dimensions of economic inequality, and its remedies, with Dr. Polly Cleveland, introduced by Ed Dodson and Bill Batt.