2018 Conference: Will Land Value Tax Turn Baltimore Around?

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Monday, August 27th

1-5 pm — Envisioning Baltimore’s Renaissance: A Charrette — Presented with a bold five-year plan for radical economic and tax reform, an invited group of Baltimore stakeholders envision the effects this would have on their city. Break-out groups meet to consider probable changes as they affect different constituencies, then report to the full group.

7:30-9:30 — Opening Reception — Welcome from Clarence Davis, Dean of Baltimore’s legistative delegation, and from conference organizers Josh Vincent, Lindy Davies, Alanna Hartzok; President Dan Sullivan

Tuesday, August 28th

8:30-9:15 — Open Mike

9:15-10:30 — 21st-Century Urban Economics — Steve Hanke, Fred Foldvary.

10:45-noon — Baltimore Then and Now — Clarence Davis on decades of struggle for LVT-based economic revitalization in Baltimore.

noon-1:30 — Lunch Book launch: Rent As Public Revenue: Issues and Methods — Essays on various means of applying the Georgist remedy today. Remarks by five contributors.

1:30-2:45 — The Single Taxer and Maryland Law — Ed Dodson and Josh Vincent present the fascinating story of Jackson Ralston, who established the first town in the United States to raise its revenue from land values, and who wrote the provision of the Maryland Constitution that permits taxation of land values.

2:45-3:45 — Sustainable Funding for Sorely-needed Public Transit in Baltimore — Rick Rybeck

4-5:15 — Land Value Capture (LVC) as a “go to” tool for city planners — Sharon Suarez, Tom Daniels

Wednesday, August 29th

8:30-9:15 — Open Mike

9:15-10:45 — CGO Business Meeting

11:00-noon — Ostrom’s Revolutionary Finding: axioms for Managing the Commons — Marty Rowland

noon-1:30 — Lunch — Member Reports

1:30-2:30 — Henry George and JoseMartí — Lorenzo Gaztanaga

2:30-3:30 — Progress in East Asia — Thailand adopted a national 2-rate tax; South Korea’s majority party favors LVT; Bill Batt reports on his visits to both countries.

3:30-4:30 — LVT-financed Bonds for Public Goods — Devpreet Jassal

Free Time — lots of local recreation options, including Baltimore Harbor water txais, Fort McHenry and the National Aquarium

7:30-9:00 — Georgist Jeopardy, with Your Host, Ed Dodson

Thursday, August 30th

8:30-9:15 — Open Mike

9:15-10:15 — Henry George’s Engagement with the Church as Explored in the New Vol. III of the Annotated Works of Henry George — Alexandra Lough, James Dawsey, Fred Foldvary

Delivery from the Black Church Food Security Network, which operates 14 locations in & around Baltimore

10:30-noon — Ethics, Morality and the Land Question — Charles Avila

noon-1:00 — Lunch

1:00-1:30 — Courtney Dowe performs a selection of thought-provoking original songs and singable standards.

1:30-3:30 — Human Rights and Land Rights – Heber Brown, Quisia Gonzalez, Yolanda Brown, Alanna Hartzok, on the spiritual domensions of the land question

4:00-5:00 — Wrap up and Q & A with all speakers.

7:00 — Gala Banquet with speaker Clarence Davis on Bringing an LVT-powered Economic Renaissance to Baltimore

Friday, August 31st

8:30-9:00 — Open Mike

9:00-10:00 — Politics of Reason — Why fundamental solutions require different approaches. A forward-looking session hosted by CGO President Dan Sullivan

10:00-11:00 — Farewell Brunch — toasts and remembrances

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The Law of Rent never changes, but our schedule may, without notice