2018 Conference Videos: Will Land Value Tax Turn Baltimore Around?

2018: Will Land Value Tax Turn Baltimore Around?

Monday, August 27 – Friday, August 31

Baltimore Holiday Inn Inner Harbor
Baltimore, Maryland

Pre-Conference Charette, Monday, August 27

Victor Ramirez: The Case for Land Value Tax in Puerto Rico

Josh Vincent and Lindy Davies: Baltimore Land Economics

Tuesday, August 28

Scott Beyer: presents a non-Georgist libertarian view on “21st Century Urban Economics.”

Clarence Davis: “Baltimore, Then and Now” on decades of struggle for LVT-based economic revitalization in Baltimore.

Tom Daniels: Land Value Capture as a “go to” tool for city planners. Tom Daniels directs the concentration in Land Use and Environmental Planning at the University of Pennsylvania. He is part of a Penn team working on a grant from the EPA to study how to use green infrastructure to reduce urban stormwater runoff. Tom authored the authoritative Environmental Planning Handbook, now in its second edition.

Wednesday, August 29:

Marty Rowland: Ostrom’s Revolutionary Finding: Axioms for Managing the Commons

Lorenzo Gaztanaga: Henry George and Jose Marti

Devpreet Jassal: LVT financed Bonds for Public Goods

Bill Batt: Progress in East Asia — Thailand adopted a national 2-rate tax; South Korea’s majority party favors LVT

Thursday, August 30: Morality of LVT

Rev. James Dawsey and Alexandra Lough: Henry George’s Engagement with the Church as Explored in the New Vol. III of the Annotated Works of Henry George. Dawsey focuses on Social Problems and on contrasting the views of Henry George with those of William Graham Sumner. Alex Lough’s presentation begins at 30:45, and focuses on The Condition of Labor and on conflicts between the church hierarchy and George’s Catholic supporters. Q&A begins at 50:15.

Interview of Alexandra Lough: (8 minute synopsis of talk)

Charles Avila: Ethics, Morality and the Land Question

Clarence Davis: Banquet Speech, “Bringing LVT to Baltimore”

Friday, August 31

Dan Sullivan: on The Politics of Reason: Why Fundamental Solutions Require Different Approaches