2019 Conference Videos: The Birth and Rebirth of American Labor

Tuesday, July 23 – Saturday, July 27
Sheraton Station Square, Pittsburgh
Available videos:

Tuesday, July 23

Welcoming Reception

Wednesday, July 24

Wyn Achenbaum: “History of the Georgist Movement in Philadelphia”

Edward Dodson: “The Birth of American Labor”

Steven Shafarman: “Basic Income and Land Value Tax”

Thursday, July 25

Nicolaus Tideman: “Assessing and Taxing other Kinds of Monopolies”

Ted Gwartney: “Land Value Tax Gains in the British Parliament”

Victor Ramirez and Josh Vincent: “Puerto Rico’s Land Reform”

Rich Nymoen: “Common Ground USA’s Progress in the United States”

Lindy Davies Memorial Tribute

Friday, July 26

Panel: “Collecting the Hidden Value of Public Transit”

Local labor leaders: ” What We Must Do to Win Back Labor’s Support”

Banquet: “The Quiet Statesmanship of Bill Coyne”