2022 Event Registration

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June 77 pm etDan Sullivan interviews Heather RemoffWhat’s Sex Got To Do with Henry George? Love, Lust, and Climate Changehttps://bit.ly/cgo2201What’s Sex Got To Do with Henry George? Love, Lust & Climate Change Heather Remoff, PhD, anthropologist, on her new book, What’s Sex Got to Do with It? Darwin, Love, Lust & the Anthropocene (Shepheard-Walwyn). Interviewed by CGO Vice-President Dan Sullivan.
June 112 pm etNic TidemanThe Commons, Change, and Human Evolution: Intellectual Property as Enclosures of the Commonshttps://bit.ly/cgo2203Nicolaus Tideman, PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Intellectual property rights reward people for developing new ideas and products, but such monopolies restrict opportunities for others to be productive. Intellectual property functions as the enclosure of the creative commons.
Better to offer incentives in the form of prizes for people who expand our knowledge, who contribute to the creative commons. Moderator: Marty Rowland,Henry George School of Social Science & New York City environmentalist.
June 147 pm etPanelRecovering the Urban Commons: Baltimore Thrive LVT Implementation Projecthttps://bit.ly/cgo2204Alanna Hartzok (Moderator): Overview of how Baltimore Thrive is a holistic approach to LVT.
Vanessa Beck: Engaging Community Leaders and Influential Organizations. Lorenzo Gaztanaga: Legislative strategy for passage of LVT-enabling bills for Baltimore.
Mike O’Mara: “COWS” analysis of the BT Project: Challenges, Opportunities, Weaknesses, Strengths.
June 182 pm etFred HarrisonRecovering the Commons Around the World: The Time has Come: Strategies for Reviving Georgism as a Global Movementhttps://bit.ly/cgo2205Fred Harrison (UK), author of We Are Rent, editor of Rent Unmasked. Moderator: Mary “Polly” Cleveland, PhD, Economist & online Georgist advocate.
June 217 pm etMarty RowlandGoverning the Commons: Explaining, comparing, and contrasting concepts behind Ostrom’s "Governing the Commons"https://bit.ly/cgo2206Marty Rowland,Henry George School of Social Science & New York City environmentalist, presents and responds to Eleanor Ostram’s influential work, Governing the Commons. "This is the most influential book in the last decade on thinking about the commons.” - Whole Earth "A classic by one of the best-known thinkers on communities and commons." Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures Moderator: To be announced.
June 252 pm etDave WetzelThe Commons and the Critique of Capitalism: Karl Marx and Henry George addressed common themes that all socialists should recognisehttps://bit.ly/cgo2207Dave Wetzel (UK) Coalition for Economic Justice Moderator: Mark Sullivan (Earth-Sharing Associates)
June 287 pm etFloyd MarinescuRecovering the Commons from Rising Property Prices: How an LVT based system will lower the cost of housing and make life affordable? Bring your talking points!https://bit.ly/cgo2208Property prices are skyrocketing around the world. Property prices are skyrocketing worldwide. Housing affordability is a top priority for political parties in countries like Canada. How can political hopefuls and advocacy groups “sell” LVT in simple language as a solution to the crisis? Bring your best talking points to this peer-to-peer interactive session.
Floyd Marinescu (Canada) Progress.org
Modertor: Travis Adams, Team CGO Volunteer
July 57 pm etCGO membersCGO Member Reportshttps://bit.ly/cgo2209The American Journal of Economics and Sociology
– Ted Gwartney, AJES President
Young Georgists of America
– Joseph Addington, YGA Founder
Short Updates from other Members & Affliates Moderator: Mark Sullivan (CGO Secretary)
July 92 pm etDr. Franklin Obeng-Odoom, Ph.D.The Commons in an Age of Uncertainty: A Georgist Alternative to the Conventional Wisdom and the Western Left Consensushttps://bit.ly/cgo2210Franklin Obeng-Odoom (Associate Professor of Global Development
Studies at Helsinki Institute of Sustainablility Science, University of Helsinki, Finland)
Moderator: Ted Gwartney (Common Ground USA, California Chapter)
July 127 pm etLars DoucetRecovering the national Commons: Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund and Mass Appraisal Real Estate Modelshttps://bit.ly/cgo2211ars Doucet (Norway)
Moderator: Ted Gwartney (Retired Real Estate Assesssor)
Concluding Comments & Discussion.
With Ted Gwartney (CGO President)