Member Organizations

Organization AFFEERCE
Director Jeff Graubart, Founder
Email jeffg [at]
Address 17 Colony West Dr
CityState Champaign, IL 61820
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Activities Promote implementations of purchasing land into the commons with currency minted for that purpose, available to the highest bidder of rent in continuous auction, with collection and equal per capita distribution via a cellular democracy

Organization Arden Georgists
Director Sadie Somverville, Director
Email Ardengeorgists [at]
Address 2116 The Highway
CityState Arden, DE 19810
Activities To further the teachings of Henry George’s economic principles,upon which the thowns of Arden,Ardentown and Ardencroft in the state of Delaware were founded.

Organization Better Cities Committee
Director Sue Walton, President
Activities A Midwestern USA 501c4 land value activist group

Organization Center for the Study of Economics
Director Joshua Vincent, Executive Director
Email joshua [at]
Address PO Box 400, c/o Center for the Study of Economics
CityState Collingswood, NJ 08108
Activities CSE is a501(c)(3) nonprofit educational foundations that provide objective and nonpartisan empirical research to governments and the nonprofit sector on Land Value Taxation..

Organization Common Ground California
Director John Hawn, President
Email cacommongroundusa [at]
Address HGS-SF-189 Ellsworth St
CityState San Francisco, CA 94110
Activities Common Ground California is based on the dieas and writings of the American political economists and social reformer, Henry George. Common Ground California brings a commitment to promote economic and social justice and works to explore and educate about reforms that enable our state and local governments to efficiently finance public services and infrastructure while protecting natural resources. It is a 501 (c) 3 project of the Henry George School, San Francisco

Organization Common Ground OR-WA
Director Kris Nelson, Chair
CityState Portland, OR
Activities Advocacy nonprofit toward capturing public values in land and the commons

Organization Common Ground USA (CGUSA)
Director Rich Nymoen, President
Email info [at]
Address 4075 Cheltonham Court
CityState Plainfield, IN 46168
Activities An all-volunteer organization that promotes land value tax shifts, rent-sharing land trusts, and other commons-based approaches to social, environmental and economic issues.

Organization Earth Rights Institute
Director Alanna Hartzok, Co-director
Email alanna [at]
Address PO Box 328
CityState Scotland, PA 17254
Activities Earth Rights Institute takes an innovative approach to join education,advocacy and research in building ecologically,economically and culturally sustainable communities. Earth Rights Institute advocates a model of development that supports the re-localization of development expertise.

Organization Earth-Sharing Associates (ESA)
Director Mark A. Sullivan & Osamu Uehara, Co-co-ordinators
Email EarthSharingAsssociates [at]
Activities ESA fosters collaboration to create a cultural infrastructure and context for an open democratic society based on human diversity, economic justice, and ecological wisdom — using performing, visual, written, and online arts to inform and motivate thought leading to peaceful/personal/planetary transformation. We co-publish: “Heresy! A Journal for Free Spirits”.

Organization Foundation for Economic Justice (FEJ)
Director Alan Ridley, President
Email weprosper2 [at]
Address 2295 McKnight Dr
CityState Lemon Grove, CA 91945
Activities Inspiring public interest in basic economics including the important role of land and natural resources in promoting liberty,justice and prosperity in San Diego county and the State of California. Sponsos potlucks,seminars, essay contests and an annual dinner with speaker.

Organization Henry George Institute (HGI)
Director Nicholas Rosen, President
Address 4075 Cheltonham Court
CityState Plainfield, IN 46168
Activities HGI is a 501 (c) (3) organization whose purpose is to promote understanding of Henry George’s philosophy of human progress, and encourage its application; and to provide a vehicle to persons interested in working for these aims. Methods include: meetings,remote learning cources,online communications. Publications: Georgist Journal; The Mason Gaffney Reader; Understanding Economics.

Organization Henry George School of Chicago
Director Chuck Metalitz, President
Email info [at]
Address PO Box A3603
CityState Chicago, IL 60690
Activities Education and research regarding principles expounded by Henry George in Progress & Poverty and other works, and their application.

Organization Henry George School of Social Science (HGSSS)
Director Andrada Chereches, Executive Director
Email info [at]
Address 149 East 38th St
CityState New York, NY 10016
Activities The primary mission of our school is to educate the public on the intellectual legacy of Henry George, a pioneering political economist and reformer, to create a more productive national economy that encourages inclusive prosperity. “Social reform is not to be secured by noise and shouting ‚ but by the awakening of thought and the progress of ideas.” Henry George, New York, 1883

Organization International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade
Director Alanna Hartzok, Administrative Director
Email alannahartzok [at]
Address PO Box 328
CityState Scotland, PA 17254
Activities The objects of this organization shall be to stimulate in all countries a public opinion favourable to permanent peace and prosperity for all peoples, through the progressive removal of the basic economic causes of poverty and war, as these causes are demonstrated in the writings of Henry George. Specifically, towards the realization of these objects, the Union favours the raising of public revenues by public collection of the rental value of land apart from improvements and the abolition of taxes, tariffs, or imposts of every sort that interfere with the free production and exchange of wealth.

Organization Just Economics LLC
Director Rick Rybeck, Director
Address 1669 Columbia Rd., NW, Suite 116
CityState Washington, DC 20009-3625
Activities Just Economics helps communities harmonize economic incentives with public policy objectives for job creation, affordable housing, transportation efficiency, and sustainable development.

Organization Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Director Kathryn Lincoln, Chair and Chief Investment Officer
Email katielincoln [at]
Address 11010 North Tatum Blvd, Suite D 101
CityState Phoenix, AZ 85028
Activities The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy seeks to improve quality of life through the effective use, taxation, and stewardship of land. A nonprofit private operating foundation whose origins date to 1946, the Lincoln Institute researches and recommends creative approaches to land as a solution to economic, social, and environmental challenges. Through education, training, publications, and events, we integrate theory and practice to inform public policy decisions worldwide.

Organization Public Revenue Education Council (PREC)
Director Scott Walton, President
Email scott [at]
Address 4075 Cheltonham Ct
CityState Plainfield, IN 46168
Activities PREC is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit educational Think Tank that is best known for exhibiting at the National Conference of State Legistatures (NCSL) 1995-2019. Found in 1951 in St. Louis. MO.

Organization Saving Communities
Director Dan Sullivan, Director
Email director [at]

Organization School of Cooperative Individualism (SCI)
Director Edward J. Dodson, Director
Email edod08034 [at]
Address 202 Horse Shoe Court
CityState Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Activities The School of Cooperative individualism is an online research and educational project focused on the social sciences, generally, and political economy, more specifically. The project’s website contains a large library of diverse articles, papers and complete books. A biographical history of the Georgist movement is an ongoing priority of my research.